Friday Newsletter



September 25, 2020


Math:  We will take the unit 2 assessment next week and then begin working on decimals.  A copy of the unit 2 assessment was added to google classroom on September 11th and students have been encouraged, multiple times, to be using it as a study guide.  The assessment they take will be very similar. I have also posted a self-assessment.  Kids should look at it, be honest about how they feel about the concepts being assessed (minus number 5; they may use the partial products method if they would like), and come prepared to ask questions on Monday. Again, google classroom is stacked with resources for the kids to help them at home with the concepts. 


Writing: Our first unit will be on Informative (informational) writing. We have started the prewriting and will begin the research next week. 


Reading:  Next week our reading will focus on Thurgood Marshall and the essential question is:  During this unit we are  working on identifying main ideas and summarizing, as well as answering RAD questions. 



Science:  We will begin science next week.  Our first unit is on chemical reactions and properties of matter.  The slide deck for the first mystery (Are Magic Potions Real?), is due on Wednesday.  We will then begin the second mystery. 



Nuts and Bolts:  

Office hours are from 7:45-8:15 am Monday through Friday by appointment.   Office hours are drop in from 2:20-3:00 Monday through Thursday and by appointment on Fridays. 


Progress reports will be available through Illuminate on Friday, October 2nd.  There are already a lot of grades posted in google classroom, so I do suggest you try to look at it once a week or so with your student, so that you can get a clear picture of how he or she is doing in school.