Class Newsletter

September 23, 2021



  • Math:  We are beginning to work on multi digit division. 
  • Reading:  We have begun our Benchmark Advance reading program.  Our first unit is about the Constitution of the United States.  Social studies will be embedded in this reading unit.  We will be focusing on identifying the main idea and supporting details to summarize, and writing RAD responses to answer questions about the text, and close reading for multiple purposes. 

Nuts and Bolts:

  • Please remind students to charge their Chromebooks each night. There are way too many students needing to charge their chromebooks at school each day.
  • Students should be reading every night.  Please help them set up a reading routine at home.  In 5th grade, the only other homework they will have (for the most part) is to finish and turn in incomplete work. 
  • I have started updating Google Classroom (the stream) daily with what we are doing in class that day, so that if your student is out, they can refer to the stream to stay caught up on work. 
  • A lot of what we have been doing in class is giving me baseline data about the level of support that the students need.  This is a very different year than years past, and many of the assignments have been teaching opportunities and not necessarily subject to grading.  Moving forward from this point on, you will see many more assignments being graded. 
  • Progress reports will contain information about your student' s MAP scores.  One of the things it will tell is what percentile your student scored in.  What that means is that whatever that number that is, that is which percent of all students in the country that took the test, that your student scored higher than.  For example, if your student is in the top 45 percent, that means that he or she scored higher than 45% of students that took the MAP test. 
  • The progress report will also tell your student's Lexile (reading) range.  For your student to reap the most  benefits from reading, he or she should be reading books within that lexile level.  You can look books up on Epic and from the library, by lexile level.