Evening With the Arts

We showcased some of our talented students and their work in technology class during Evening with the Arts at Northwest Elementary School. In case you missed it, here are some links to download the students' work. Enjoy.

Pivot Animations Movie  - 5th Grade

Pivot Animations Movie - 4th Grade



2nd Grade Animal Power Points:

Monday - Sommers/Speas

Tuesday - Veach/Speas

Wednesday - Brown/Speas

Thursday - Charlton/Speas

Friday - Powell/Speas


3rd Grade States of Matter Power Points:

Monday - Morgan/Lutz

Tuesday - Vastine

Wednesday - Ferguson/Lutz

Thursday - Johnson/Lutz

Friday - Klaiber/Lutz 


5th Grade Planet Power Points:

Mr. Lawson

Mrs. Kingrey

Mrs. Bowling