About Ms. Jordan


Dear Parents and Guardians,

 My name is Jordan Boyer and I am an Elementary Education major at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. I will be completing my final internship in your child's classroom during the next eight weeks. I am extremely excited to be working in Ms. McClister’s classroom. I look forward to learning from her! I also am very eager to work with and learn from your child.

 As part of my internship I will gradually begin taking responsibility of the classroom under the direct supervision of Ms McClister. I will eventually be conducting all planning, lessons and daily activities for eight weeks. This internship is designed to increase my role in stages so that your child can become familiar with my instructional style. It is also designed to slowly transfer instructional responsibilities back to Ms. McClister so that your child is ensured a smooth transition.

I assure you that I am a very dedicated and motivated person, and that I will conduct myself with professionalism and caring behavior at all times. I realize that every child in this class is equally special and I will treat each student with the utmost dignity and respect.


Jordan Boyer