August 24th: First Day of Class

September 7th: Labor Day- No Class

September 11th: Chapter 3 Math Test

September 18th: Repect Workshop

October 2nd: Science Ch. 3 Test

October 6th: Math Chapter 5 Test

October 9th: Sharing Day- Bring in item(s) to share with classmates

October 19th: Technology Day

October 23rd: Science Ch. 5 test

October 26th- 30th: Fall Break- No classes

November 6th: Math ch. 7 Test

November 11th: Veterans Day- No class

November 17th: Scince Ch. 7 Test

November 20th: Math Ch. 9 Test

November 25th-27th: No Class (Thanksgiving Break)

December 4th: Scince Ch. 9 Test

December 11th: Math Test ch. 11

December 18th: Last Day of Fall term