Unit II

Unit Two:  A Nation is Born

Time Allotted:  3 Weeks

What characterizes the American spirit?

Key Selections:

Historical background p. 128-135

Voices of Freedom

“Poor Richard’s Almanac” p. 146

“All the News That’s Fit to Print” p. 152

“The Crisis, Number 1” p. 160

“An Hymn to the Evening” p. 172

“To His Excellency, General George Washington” p. 174


“Speech in the Virginia Convention” p. 187

Defining an American

“Letter to Her Daughter from the New White House” p. 204

Reading Informational Material

Newspaper Editorials p. 166

Listening and Speaking Workshop

Analyze Persuasive Techniques p. 224

Major Assignments:                 Oral Presentation using Persuasive Essay

                                                          Unit Test