IB Spanish I, Annapolis Senior High

In this web site you will find the due dates for the most important assignments and assessments.

Test Perfect tenses March 10-11/2011

(announced 3/1/2011)

Research material for oral presentation Feb 10-11/2011

(announced 1/27/2011)

Oral Presentation Feb 24-25/2011

(announced 1/27/2011)

Audiovisual Poetry Presentation April 7-8/2011

(announced 1/27/2011)

Test: Verbos Reflexivos Dec15-16/2010

(announced Dec/3/2010)

Oral presentations: November 18-19/2010

(announced Oct/25/2010)

Test "Futuro vs. Condicional": December 1-2/2010 

(announced Nov/10/2010)