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Total Physical Response

Total Physical Response



This instructional idea is suitable for second language learners and has been around for quite a while. According to Asher (1969), motor activity may be a viable means for enhancing learning. Specifically, the total physical response approach was considered initially as a tool for language learning. The basic premise is that learners respond physically to a command given in the language they are learning. The commands increase in complexity over time. 



  1. The session starts with simple commands,  one to two words in length. The leader (teacher) says the action and demonstrates the action. Some simple commands would be things such as "stand," "walk,"  or "sit." 
  2.  Eventually more complex commands such as "open your book" or "say hello to your neighbor"  would be added. 
Peregoy and Boyle (2008) associate the meaningful context of this type of learning with learning success.
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