My Growth Through the Years: 

      This career has been the most rewarding and challenging for myself as a teacher and for myself as a learner. I have grown the most in my classroom management, figuring out what my excpectations are and how to get my students to gorw a long with me. A lot of times with my maganement it came down to reflection, deciding to look at how I can support and change in order for my students to be better. I learned that consistency is key to a safe environment for all types of learners. I also have grown these past two years in ability to teach tthe curriculum curriculum. My areas of strength are bringing in real life problems and building on my student's prior knowledge, using assessments to drive my instruction, and collaboration with my colleagues. I need to continue to imporve and push myself when it comes to constantly assessing and going back to check for understanding I often test at the end and need to remind myself to do it as often as possible, and lastly I need to continue to research new teaching styles to keep myself up on the current practices. I also need to continue to remind myself of my why, (why I teach), this career is tough so giving myself time to reflect and remind myself why I chose it will need to be a continued practice.


Professional Goals: 

       I have many goals for myself as an educator in order ot be the best that I can. My main goal is to show students the joy in education. Students want to learn from a teacher that they enjoy and like, so if I like to learn and show them that then they will want to as well. I will continue to find professional development to keep my teacher practices and activities up to date, I will reflect on the positives of each and every day, and I will also show my students new and engaging materials so they can see the fun that new education can bring. 


Staying Connected to the Joy of Learning: 

             There are many ways I plan to continue my joy for this career; I will participate in colloberation between all types of educators, being open to new technology and ideas to foster learning, I will take care of myself first because a happy teacher has a happy classroom, I will use social media platforms to see other teachers ideas and give them a try, and I will find books to read about the career. Most importantly I will continue to push myself so my students can see the joy in learning. 



"Miss Copeland's classroom management is a never ending invitation to be part of learning in a secure environment.  Her understanding of student development allows her to support daily student needs in a unique personal manner.  Her creativity inspires the exploration of information and all accomplished with a positive attitude." - Ana Gutierrez (Induction coach)


Advice for New Teachers:

     Now having my first two years in the career behind me one important piece of advice I would give to a first year teacher would be to find a few amazing teachers and trust them whole heartedly. Expert teachers who are helpful can change your everyday life; they listen, offer advice, share activities and work, are willing to try new things with you, will stand up for you, and most importantly remind you of the joy that goes along with teaching.

     It is vital to find teachers who are fantasic at their jobs but also love what they do beccause the advice and encouragment they give is unlike anyone else because they have been through it all.