Text:  Calculus:  Concepts & Contexts; James Stewart; Third Edition; 2006

            You will all be issued a textbook on the first day of class.  This course is not designed to run off of this text.  We will use the textbook regularly but this is not a course to only teach you calculus.  We will learn lots of calculus!!  However, this is primarily a course prepare you to receive a FIVE (5) on the AP Calculus Exam.  As a result there will be many other materials we will use throughout the course.  

Required material for class…

            The following materials should  come with you to class each day:

1.      Pencil (Pen is ok but pencil is preferred, you will screw up a lot!!)

2.      Textbook (I gave it to you for a reason, we won’t use it everyday but you should always have it!!)

3.      3 Ring Binder w/loose leaf paper

4.      TI-84 Calculator (Other Texas Instruments models are acceptable)

5.      Your Brain!!  Be ready to work for 84 minutes everyday!!

Grading Procedures Homework: 20%

            Be prepared to be assigned homework eight days a week.  This homework will be assigned in class and due the next time you come to class.  No exceptions!!  If you are absent all homework missed is due the next time you return to class!  During the beginning of class I will make my way around the room and check the homework for completeness.  I will not make sure all problems are done, but if you are the type of person who just writes stuff down for homework and hopes I won’t figure out leave this class.  If you want to succeed in AP Calculus than you must want to learn the material not just get a grade!!

Class Participation: 5%

            I’m giving you 5% here!  Show up to class on time and do what your supposed to and you’ll get at least a 5 in this class!

Problem Sets:  15%

            You will be given a problem set at the beginning of each unit.  The problems on this assignment will range from previously learned concepts to new concepts that you will not understand when the set is first received.  These are designed to be a long term assignment to be worked on periodically throughout the unit.  The are not designed to be completed on the first night you receive them, nor are they to be done the night before they are due.  Problem sets will always be due the day after the unit test.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!



Daily Quizzes:  25%

            You will be quizzed on a daily basis starting on the third day of class.  It will be on the material taught and assigned two days ago and that was wrapped up on the previous day.  For example, day threes quiz will be on day ones content.  These quizzes will last no more than 18 minutes in September and will then drop to 15 minutes in October and will then drop to 12 minutes for the remainder of the year.  This means that the quiz will end at 7:48, 7:45, or 7:42.  I will collect it and then go over the answers, and they will be returned the next day.

Tests:  35%

            You will be tested periodically.  Typically at the end of each unit.  This will usually be every two to three weeks.  These tests are difficult and will be followed by Test Redoes that are to be done on your own time.  You will be responsible for checking your answers to make sure they are all correct and then handing them in.  These redos are required and will result in you score being dropped 20 points if you do not complete them.  The Redo will earn you points back on your score.  The amount of points you earn back will be equal to 25% of the point you lost from 100 to receive the score you did. 


Original Test Score:  60

Points Lost to receive score:  40

25% of points lost:  .25 x 40 = 10

Score after redo:  70 

Course Timeline 

Unit 1:  Limits & Continuity (Early September)

 Unit 2:  Derivatives (Late September) 

Unit 3:  Differentiation Rules (Early October) 

Unit 4:  Applications of Differentiation (Late Oct - Early Nov.) 

Unit 5:  Integration Techniques (Late November)

Unit 6:  Applications of Integration (December / January)


AP Test Review (February – May 4th )