Daily Routine

8:40-9:05 Morning Work and Announcements

9:05-9:30 Calendar Wall

9:30-9:55 Read Aloud and Activity*

9:55-10:30 Reading Groups

10:30-11:00 Lunch

11:00-11:30 Reading

11:30-12:05 Specials

12:05-12:35 Writing

12:35-1:35 Math

1:35-1:45 Snack

1:50-2:05 Recess

2:10-2:50 Centers

*Tuesday Mornings- Kid Writing

Special Schedule

We rotate on a six day cycle.  If a day of school is missed due to conferences, teacher in-service, or snow we will not skip that day.

Day 1- Music

Day 2- Gym and Keyboarding

Day 3- Music

Day 4- Gym and Keyboarding

Day 5- Art

Day 6- Library Cool Don't forget to bring your book!