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Art Department Home

Welcome to Sweet Springs Art Department - where students study and create Visual Art.

Check out our artwork at

Just type Sweet Springs in the School Search Bar!

To the community: We are in need of newspapers, cardboard, shoeboxes, decks of cards, wallpaper, etc etc.

Please help the Art Department by donating any reusable items in your home such as plastic containers, shoeboxes, yogurt cups, yarn, material, egg cartons, beads, buttons, or anything you think we might be able to use!!!  Thank you for supporting the Art Department!



  • Go to to check out one of the neat ways to keep art in classrooms! Sweet Springs R-7 was able to acquire the grant and images sponsored by Picturing America!
  • Go to for more info on the fight to keep the arts alive in our school!



Art Resource Links:

Get 2 Months for $5!