Mr. Reinhardt's Math 8 Website


Grade 8 Math students, use this site to view online educational math videos. The videos I link to this page may help your understanding of the Common Core Math 8 topics we will be covering this year. math 8 Videos:

Use the Code that you copy down under the title in your notes to identify what videos you should watch. 


Sept. 8EE1, 8EE3, 8EE4
Oct. 8EE3, 8EE4, 8G1
Nov. 8G2, 8G5
Dec. 8G3, 8G4, 8G5, 8EE7
Jan. 8EE5, 8EE6, 8EE8
Feb. 8F1, 8F2, 8F3, 8F9
Mar. 8F4, 8SP1, 8SP2
Apr. 8SP1, 8SP2, 8SP3
May 8EE2, 8NS1, 8NS2
Jun. 8G7, 8G8 Math 8 Videos: Math 8 Videos: online assignments: