Educational Resources

Educational Resources

Image result for tv cartoonHere is a list of TV shows that are educational and entertaining!
Educational TV

The Magic School Bus Netflix
Our Planet Netflix
Jane Netflix, Disney +, Hulu
Walking With Dinosaurs Youtube TV

Educational Websites

Here is a list of websites that will keep your scholar engaged through virtual learning. 

Image result for This site allows for free downloads (site is open for free downloads during this time.) to create flash cards, games and practice activities for learning vocabulary, phonics and increase language skills.

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Research based interventions help students become fluent readers and make solid gains in comprehension and vocabulary. Students and parents must be added by a Resource teacher or Read Live administrator. Website information: Using Read Live during school closures:

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Standards Based Practice and Instruction- High quality content made for Texas standards, goal oriented,self-paced, instructions and practice, web based

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Storyline Online (always free): Books read out loud by authors / famous people:

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Lessons and leveled books for:Reading, Writing, Science

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Unlimited access to thousands of books, videos and quizzes from leading publishers to help kids everywhere read, learn and grow.