My Philosophy

In my classroom students will be placed into groups to make learning from others possible.
Students will be working hands on and actively learning.
My classroom will have colorful signs and pictures to be warm and welcoming.
I will have a very organized but student friendly desk to the side of the classroom with an empty area for students to come and get help.
I will walk around the room talking to my student’s one on one or in a group if not teaching to the class as a whole.
I will have a reading corner with a stage, books, and carpets or bean bags for the students to use for many things.
Reading will be part of all work, whether it is reading out loud to the class, silently or for me to read to them.
I will have the class make rules displayed where everyone can see so the students know what is expected of them.
I will have student’s art work and class work displayed on the back wall to have them feel proud of themselves.