New Homework Format

4/5/6H Homework - Term 3

Our class homework this term will be changing. The following is summary of the components to be completed each week.
1)   Home reading log
2)  Spelling activities (any 3 chosen and ticked off on homework sheet). See below for more details.
3)  Study ladder – 4 interactive tasks completed online and complete Interactive Task Log on your homework sheet.
4)  The week’s times tables written 3 times.
5)  English – on the back of the homework sheet.
6)  Mathematics – questions found on our web page under ‘Mathematics Homework’ tab.

Further information about Spelling
Most of the activities can be completed straight into your homework book or printed to show evidence of completion, these include:

·         Look, say, cover, write, check

·         Write lists of other words with the same letter patterns.

·         Write the words in a story/in sentences

·         Use a dictionary to write the meanings

·         Create some mnemonics to help you remember, eg. “you hear with your ear

·         Make a crossword or find-a-word

·         Build the base words, eg. add suffixes/prefixes, other words made from them

·         Find out the etymology of the words (ie. where the words come from)

·         Find words that mean the same/opposite

·         Chunking

·         Make a spelling ladder

·         Make a poster about a word

There are only a couple of options that require no evidence such as:
  • Use the Internet to make a spelling game (although this could possibly be printed)
  • Spell the words out loud to someone

Homework will continue to be sent home each Friday and is due the following Thursday.

Any questions or concerns please contact me.