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September 7-  The Big Picture

On the first Thursday of the new school year my students and I completed an introductory activity and got to know each other pretty well! The students helped me create a giant "picture frame" that included interests of myself. After we had our class discussion, the students created their own "big picture" by drawing something about themselves in a foam picture frame! Getting to walk around and talk to each student about what they were drawing was the highlight of my day! 


September 19th- The Miss Nelson Series! 



This week in second grade our students will be reading the three Miss Nelson books written by Harry Allard. The students will read the series over the course of three days, using Common Core Standards to unveil the final mystery at the end- Who is Miss Viola Swamp?

Common core standards used : 2.3 Describe how characters in a story respond to major events and challenges

2.3 Compare and contrast two or more characters, settings, or events in a story or drama, drawing on specific details in the text


Monday, October 9th

Today is Columbus Day! To find out more information on Christopher Columbus and his voyage, we read a nonfiction text to help students learn Common Core Standard R.I.2.2 (We will be able to identifythe main idea of a text, in order to demonstrate our understanding of a nonfiction text, by identifying the main idea in a graphic organizer). 

The students main idea stated: Christopher Columbus was an explorer and a navigator. He sailed the ocean and found new land, food, and people. 


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For more information on Christopher Columbus, visit:

Tuesday October 17th 

This week Miss Sympson taught lessons to the class! These included Language Arts, Science, and Math. 

On Tuesday, the students read the book But It's Not My Fault! by Julia Cook. Earlier in the year, many different Julia Cook titles were read including Tattle Tongue, Soda Pop Head, and Push Dangle Pull. The students enjoy Julia Cook because her books emphasize social skills, kindness, and strategies to regulate many emotions children may experience at school. After reading But It's Not My Fault, the children wrote a letter to the main character, Noodle. Noodle send a "letter" back to the students thanking them for the letters they had sent. Below is a copy of Noodle's reply!


To my new friends,

        I was so happy when I got your letters your teacher mailed to me. As soon as I got home from school, my mom showed me all of your post cards. I really liked the stories about becoming problem solvers, just like I did! I am glad you liked my book. Always remember to be responsible at home and at school- it will help you go far! I am glad I made new friends. Please send me a letter any time you want to talk about something.

Love your friend,



Monday, November 6th


Our second grade class has just completed a unit about owls! We are working with non-fiction texts in the classroom. Throughout the year we have read many nonfiction texts written by the popular children's author Gail Gibbons.

The following information has been taken from her personal website,

"Gail Gibbons’s books are particularly accurate because she goes right to the source when researching a topic. She has been on the seventeenth floor of a skyscraper in progress, has spoken with truck drivers about the workings of their rigs, has dismantled every clock in her home, and would have donned scuba diving gear to research a sunken ship had the sea waters not been too turbulent. Gail says "I had a lot of ‘whys’ when I was a child. I guess I still do."

So far this year, the children have read the following titles by Gail Gibbons:

Bats, Owls, and Apples

More books by Gail Gibbons can be found at the following link:

Monday, November 20th

It is almost Thanksgiving time!! The students of room 204 will enjoy a Thanksgiving feast Tuesday afternoon sponsored by Harding Elementary. The students will eat traditional thanksgiving food as well as have a fall dance afterwards. The festivities will start at 2:00 pm today. Parents are invited!


Tuesday, December 5th

This week, Ms. Sympson is teaching the students science lessons. The students will be learning about solids, liquids, gases, and how the change into different states of matter. The States of Matter sing along can be found at the link below. This is an awesome opportunity for your child to expand their learning at home in a fun way!