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Tuesday 9/12/2017

Weekly Spelling Words!

This friday (9/15) the students will be tested on 11 spelling words that focuses on blends. The students have created their own classroom list that consists of the following words: 

1. brown

6. cry

2. bread

7. crab

3. brother

8. class

4. blue

9. clap
5. black 

10. club


11. cloud


Wednesday, September 27th

This month's character trait at Harding Elementary school is kindness. The students have been reading about kindness and practicing ways to be kind to others inside and outside of the classroom. The following two youtube videos can be watched at home with children to help further promote kindness within our school community: 

1. Kindness is Cooler, Mrs. Ruler (

2. Kindness Counts (


Thursday, October 5th 

Weekly Spellings words! 

This Friday (10/06) students will be tested on words that contain the short i sound. A list of the words can be found below: 

1. this 6. window

2. lick

7. with
3. rich 8. will 9. thin
5. hint 10. which


Monday, October 23rd

Youngstown City Schools implements Common Core State Standards. Below is the link to the Common Core website that provides information, frequently asked questions, and myths vs. facts!


Thursday, November 2nd

This week for Spelling, students are focusing on Long O words! 

Purpose statement: "I can read and write worlds with long O spelling patter (long O silent E) CVCV pattern

Student test is Friday, 11/3

1. home

6. rope

2. smoke

7. rode

3. bone

4. note

9. tone

5. close

10. stove


Bonus words: November, soap, road, load

Thursday, November 16th

Lots of our students love asking teachers what's for lunch! Lunch is the best part of the day in room 204, and the students each receive a lunch to eat in the cafeteria. If parents have any questions or concerns about the lunch menu for the month, Harding posts the menu on the school wesbite updates monthy. The monthly menus can be found at the link below:

Monday, November 27th

This month our students have been working on DIBELS testing inside their classroom. The DIBELS program assesses literacy skills in Kindergarten through 6th grade. Harding Elementary implements DIBELS year round to measure student progress in literacy! To learn more about the DIBELS testing, please click the following link: