All Business Technology classes consist of a weekly problem statement and walkthru with the instructor explaining new concepts and techniques to be covered.  Friday is reserved for written assessments and student make-up time.  As such, there is no end of course project but instead a weekly, hands-on project to be completed in the lab or at home if the specified software and hardware is available.

The following will be required for each weekly lab project:

  1. Windows-based workstation or PC
  2. Either JAVA SDK, Adobe CS4 (or greater), or Microsoft Office 2000 (or greater) -  specified by instructor and available freely or at a student discount
  3. Problem statement and eLesson - provided by instructor
  4. Student data files - provided by instructor
  5. 1 USB Flash Drive
  6. 1 Journal with 200 blank pages - spot checked and eligible for extra-credit

All weekly project lab work is due by Friday midnight on EDMODO - group section number is provided by the instructor.