The curriculum for the Information Technology program @sunnyValleyHigh is aligned with the framework as outlined at the website of the the Florida Department of Education ( for Digital Design - documents 8209600 B070600.  The Career and Technical Education department at Sunny Valley High has implemented this program as a four year course of study.  Per screening and prior classwork, select students can apply to attempt this course over a two year period.  At the end of the second year of study, a limited number intership opportunities are availalbe in partnership with local business sponsors.  Upon completion, all student who sucessfully complete the program are eligible for certification vouchers and will either receive a scholarship to continue studies in Information Sciences or receive assistance to be placed locally in a entry level position in the field of Information Technology through the counseling office and our business partners and sponsors.   The classes for the IT program are sequenced, prerequisited and offered as follows:

College Computing and  Object Oriented Progamming (OOP) or Microsoft Office Suite        

Digital Design 1  - Adobe Illustrator and InDesign

Digital Design 2 - Adobe Photoshop and Flash

Digital Design 3 - Adobe Dreamweaver and Premiere Pro