The Business Technology Academy @sunnyValleyHigh is designed with the goal of industry-recognized certification in IT areas.  This impactful program requires a sizeable investment in human and financial capital.  Consequently the Business Technology Academy @sunnyValleyHgh is held to high standards and targets specific yearly goals for the school and correspondently for the student.

Expectation set for students are as follow:

  • Maintain at least a B in all classes.
  • Obtain at least one associate certifcation per school year on the first attempt.
  • Pro-actively seek an internship with qualified or school-recognized business partners.

Rules for the school as a whole are issued and outlined in the Manual of Acceptable School Conduct and Behavior given yearly to each student and available online on the school website.

In the labs for Business Technology @sunnyValleyHgh, student must adhere to the following rules:

  • Safety first - no food or liquids in the computer lab.
  • Immediately report all equipment failures - do not attempt more than identfication of a problem.
  • Show respect and curtesy in every endeavor or situation.
  • Leave workstation clean and ready for the next class.