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Year 1:  College Computing and  Object Oriented Progamming (OOP) or Microsoft Office Suite        

Year 2:  Digital Design 1  - Adobe Illustrator and InDesign

Year 3:  Digital Design 2 - Adobe Photoshop and Flash

Year 4:  Digital Design 3 - Adobe Dreamweaver and Senior Project

All classes are offered and scheduled for optimal availability in four of six periods.  A maximum of  thirty student will be scheduled per class to allow one workstation per student.

All classes consist of a weekly problem statement and walkthru with the instructor explaining new concepts and techniques to be covered.  Individual solutions are expected and submitted by the end of the week  on EDMODO.

Friday is reserved for written assessments and student make-up time.

Associate certification for eligible students in Microsoft and Adobe suite of products is availabe on site and performed toward the end of the grading period.  Leading up to end-fo-grading-period certification, students must also complete the respective test prep using eQuestion software in both simulation and linear formats.  Attempts at certification as an industry-recognized associate are graded on a pass or fail basis.  Multiple attempts are allowed with conditions.