Parents take a look

Would you like to be a parent volunteer???

I encourage all parents to be involved in their child's education during school hours by becoming one of our parent volunteers. Please email me at to get involved.


Important Classroom Dates to Remember

October 25-Field Trip Money Due $25

October 28-Field Trip to Discovery Place

Monthly newsletter will be giving-October 12


County School Calendar

July-December 2009

 July 31st-Open House

August 1-First Day of Classes 

September 1- Holiday-Labor Day 

September 11-Parent Teacher Conference (No school) 

October 2-End of 1st 9 weeks 

October 6-10 Fall holiday (no classes)

 October 13 -Begin 2nd 9 weeks  

October 26-Report Card issued 

November 24-28 Thanksgiving Holiday 

December 2-End of 2nd 9 weeks 

December 19- January 5-Holiday Break