Performing Arts Program

TDS Performing Arts Program

The Performing Arts Program was created by Joanne Salmon at the onset of her second year at TDS. She began working with a talented group of middle school students after school and very quickly, the Musical Theatre Club was born. As years passed, the "MTs" became very popular, and soon everyone wanted to be in Musical Theatre, in some fashion. This club allowed ESE students to shine in a school setting, in ways they had never done! Asked by the administration to help the program grow, Ms. Salmon began teaching the 6th grade Drama Elective her third year at TDS. By her fourth year, 5th grade Reader's Theatre was added to her roster and she was asked to create a summer opportunity for the students. It was then that Ms. Salmon developed the Intensive Musical Theatre Summer Workshops. Each camp ran for three weeks, Monday through Friday, from 9am to 3pm. During this time, the students acted, sang, danced, built costumes, and designed and painted their set. The last day of this intensive three-week camp was performance day, after which a cast party was held. It was also the day to strike the set--a much valued day for the stage manager, also a student. By her sixth year at TDS, Ms. Salmon's theatre program had grown quite popular with both students and parents. She was asked to devise a full program to encompass not only theatre, but music, storytelling and much, much more! It was then that the Performing Arts Program was born.