How Can You Help Your Child?

Have your child read as much as possible. If you want to instill a love of reading in your child, let them read things that they enjoy. They don't need to be reading a chapter book, if they find pleasure in reading comic books or magazines, then let them! If they read often, they will increase their rate and improve their fluency. This means that they will start to sound more "adult-like" when they read instead of reading word-by-word as many beginner readers do. 
Question your child. Ask them what their story was about. Have them tell you events in sequence and make sure they are referring to the characters by name instead of saying "he" or "she". You can even question your child about movies or real-life events. The key is to get your child thinking about details. This will improve their overall comprehension!

Have your child keep a journal or a diary at home. You can buy them a cute little book to write in or give them a $0.99 notebook. The point is to get them writing. Allow them to write without boundaries. Let them write whatever they want and let them know that you won't look at it unless they want they want you to. They will be more willing to write more if they know that they are not going to be criticized. The more they write, the better writer they will become.