My expectations and rules

My Expectations

This is quite simple; I expect to do my best to teach your child the essentials required for fifth grade. I expect your child to be here each and every day to earn the most of their fifth grade experience. I expect of myself to make myself available to sit with you to fulfill any concerns you may have regarding your child’s education. I expect you as a parent to partake in the vital role you have of your child’s education. I expect your child to come to school prepared to meet the learning they will encounter this year as a fifth grader. I expect your child to be on their very best behavior. I expect your child to learn how to conduct oneself in a positive manner with others in his or hers classroom. And finally, I expect of myself to enjoy this year teaching your child

Classroom Rules

  1. Attendance: to be here each day and on time. It is important that your child not miss a day especially since we are beginning a four-day school week. If your child is absent even one day out the four-day week, he/she misses not one day, but basically two days of learning.
  2. Behavior: To get along with others: not fighting, nor talking back, not making fun of others, and to not have a foul mouth.
  3. Restrooms: Students are free to use the bathroom at their leisure with the exception of the first and last ten minutes of class – beginning/ending of the day and before we go to lunch and soon after our recess.
  4. Assignments: To do the assigned tasks given.