In my research, I found some great theories that would apply to some of my ideas in helping with ADD\ADHD 

 ARCS Model of Motivational Design.

This theory stands for Attention, Relevance, Confidence and Satisfaction. With the focus on motivating the child with new ideas to help them keep interest in learning. Active participation, humor, inquiry, variability and incongruity, (J. L., 2014) are all great tips this theory uses in just the attention area.

Theory of Mind, Empathy, Mindblindness,(ToM)

This theory focuses on the child itself and what sets him apart from others.  The ability to perceive the unique perspective of others and its influence on their behavior (J L, 2015), when describing the child who suffers from a disorder. In reference to ADHD, I think that we as teachers should remember that not every kid can be like the other. We teach them to be an individual but then expect them to be the same in class. This theory focuses on just that but with more of a disorder perspective to better understand it.


This theory would apply, but I chose not to use it as the focus. If we just focus on the behavior of the child then it takes away from the reasoning why. I believe that teachers feedback, relating to a student's academics and behavior can either make or break that child. If we treat the child as a disorder then it will be looked at in just that way. It is our job to try our best to teach that child in a way that works for them, instead of making them conform to the norm. In looking more into ADHD and what classifies a child with it from one without is still hard to determine. The outward behavior is the only determining factor.