Welcome Parents!!!

I know that homework can be overwhelming when your child has ADD\ADHD. Below I have some tips that may or maynot help ease your frustration. Don't forget to check out the great links to more fun and information to help your child succeed. Good Luck!

Stay Organized!!!

  • By staying organized or have the homework area clear of clutter, prevents distractions.
  • Calendars are a great way for children with ADD\ADHD to stay on task. It can be color coordinated with each task or assignment they have to do that day. This way your child can see what has to be done next.

Break Time!!!

“Kids with ADHD often benefit from having breaks every 10 to 20 minutes during homework periods” (Brain Balance, 2017). By taking breaks in between to get up, move around or have a snack can help a child to stay on task. Letting them know when that time is coming is also a great reminder to focus.

Yeah you did it!!!

Rewarding a child is also a great way to help students focus on homework. This could be a treat, more television time, or quality time with you.


"In teaching others we teach ourselves"  - Proverb