Ms. Shank's Classroom


I created this website to help children who suffer from ADD\ADHD. Children with ADD\ADHD have a hard time focusing on the task at hand and loose interest easily. The difference between them is hyperactivity, that is what the "H" stands for.  I have a nephew that has ADD, he is such an amazing kid. His inability to focus in class, sometimes gets him into trouble. He isn't a bad kid, just a kid who is board, has built up energy, and is interested in the busy world around him. On this site you will find tips for classroom interaction, homework tips, along with links to some great information. These can be beneficial to either ADD or ADHD. I hope you enjoy the website, as much as I did making it.  Jeff Rasmussen, creator of Kids with ADHD Rock, states  "Everyone is normal. Being abnormal is an illusion"( Ramussen, 2017).  If we as teachers and parents can work together to help our child be the best that they can be, then we have succeed. Every child is different, a child shouldn't be expected to act as everyone else.


You Can't Change who you are, and you shouldn't be asked to.”
- Jonathan Mooney