Teacher tips

Welcome Teachers!

Having interrputions in class can make for a long day. It adds stress, stalls learning and is a distraction to all. Here are some tips to help take those away.


Run in the morning before class, to get blood pumping and energy out

GoNoodle is a great site that has songs and various interactive videos to get kids moving.

(*Don't forget to check out the GoNoodle page for fun videos and the link to their website.)

Supplies, supplies, supplies

Providing specialized school supplies in the classroom can also help with fidgeting. These could include weighted lap pads, fidget pencil toppers, chair ball, or fidget necklace (funandfunction.com, 2017).


During class lectures pause to hold attention, this helps students look up and wait for what is going to happen next.

Use the child's name in a story or assignment to grab attention, allowing the student to pay attention without being singled out.

Have a to-do list on the child's desk for a reminder of work needed to be completed and walk around when giving a lesson. These help the student know what is happening next along with focusing on you (Child Development Institute, 2015).