Get to Know the World

In this website class, students will be researching, and helping themselves to seeing the world.  There are many different countries that are waiting to be discovered and it will be your job to put it on the map again.  One thing that will be required is to present a project on five different countries of your choice.  With these five countries, you will be traveling from one to the  next.  The websites being provided for you will have a travel Information link, and it is your job to find a flight and plan accordingly.  You will be on this trip for twenty days so use all of them when putting in flight information from one stop to the next.  There is no budget to this project, so feel free to travel, and buy whatever you would like.  For this project you are to include: a picture of the flag from each country, some facts about each country, some different landforms, and familiar cities in each country, and what the weather is like.  Second, there will be quizzes on each tab to go and test the student in how many countries of that particular continent a student can name.  The goal is to know all countries from every continent, because we will be testing on this in class.  Get to know all the countries, and just not the five chosen to research on.  The test will cover names of countries and where they are located.  Have fun and enjoy learning about different countries!


Think You are an expert explorer of every continent and want to test yourself against the world?  This test will be the hardest, so make sure you are able to finish every other one before attempting this one!  YOU CAN DO IT!!!!