October Unit

October Unit..... created by Jennifer Taylor (some of these ideas are mine, some were found online created by other kindergarten teachers).

October Unit Week 2 (Fall Break week 1) Pumpkins


Skills: letters, letter sounds, Title, Author, Publisher, make predictions, listen to variety of texts, retells events, and connects life experiences to texts.  E.Q.’s: What do good readers do?How can I blend letter sounds to make words?  Standards:ELAKR6  Sight Words: have, is
Reading Activities -         Shared reading of alphabet chart-         Pocket Chart story- I have a…This is our "Happy Poem" for October: This is Jack O' Happy.
This is Jack O' Sad.

Now you see him sleepy.

Now you see him mad.

This is Jack in pieces small,

But in a pie he's best of all!
Books Pumpkin, Pumpkin
by Jeanne Titherington Five Little Pumpkins
by Iris Van Rynbach                 The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams Pumpkin Day, Pumpkin Night  The big, big pumpkin  by Joan Lexau
CentersSkills: computer skills, letters, numbers, fine motor, reading, writing, social skills Center Activities Reading: library areaMath: patterns with Halloween toysWriting: coloring sheets Play dough: letters Computer: fastforward Art: glue pumpkin seeds on names Pocket chart: ABC chart, I have a…   
WritingSkills: capital letters, spaces, punctuation, writing sentences  Standards: ELAW1 E.Q.’s: How can I write a sentence? Writing Activities-I can sentences                   - Predictable Chart- pumpkins are…    BooksPumpkins…  
ScienceSkills: describe matter by its physical properties  Standards: SKP1 E.Q.’s: How can my senses help me describe how objects feel? Science Activities -look at a pumpkin, describe it-cut open pumpkin and scoop seeds out -Pumpkin Report: Complete a pumpkin report. Draw a picture of the pumpkin above this sentence: “This is our pumpkin.” 
Under the sentence, “Our pumpkin is:” have a picture of three pumpkins (little, medium, big) and circle the size of the class pumpkin.
Count the seeds and fill in, “Our pumpkin has _____ seeds.” 
Glue some seeds in a box labeled: “Here are some seeds.”
- explore the seeds with a magnifying glass -graph: will the pumpkin sink or float?  
MathSkills: identifying shapes: cubes and spheres , numbers 0-10  Standards: MKG1 E.Q.’s: What makes shapes different from each other? How can I show numbers?  Math Activities-class field trip around school looking for shapes -look through magazines for shapes and make class book of shapes - count pumpkin seeds -positional word pumpkin book (moveable pumpkin)  Books
 Here are some of the activities listed during this unitPumpkin BINGOColor the pumpkin with the number that matches the number you rolled on the dice. The first one to color all their pumpkins is the winner.      


Name:____________________________________________________Pumpkin ReportThis is our pumpkin.    Our pumpkin is: ______________________________                                     Our Pumpkin has ______________ seeds. Here are some seeds.  Where is the Pumpkin?By: Mrs. Taylor  Where is the Pumpkin?By: Mrs. Taylor The pumpkin is above the cat.    The pumpkin is above the cat.  The pumpkin is beside the spider.    The pumpkin is beside the spider.  The pumpkin is under the ghost.    The pumpkin is under the ghost. The pumpkin is outside the house.   The pumpkin is outside the house. The pumpkin is inside the circle.   The pumpkin is inside the circle.