Mrs. Taylor's Super Stars

Feature Presentations:

English Language Arts

Reading:  Our focus for the next few weeks will be on strategies for nonfiction text.  We will be working on identifying fact and opinion in small groups and text structure in whole group. Students will be reading "Space Probes to the Planets"

Vocabulary Link :

Scotts Foresman Link:

Fact and Opinion Links:


Word Study:  We will focus on context clues this week.

Writing:  Fractured Fairytales- Students will study voice and rewrite the traditional fairytale with a twist.

We will also be working on irregular plurals in grammar.

Social Studies: Unit 2 will continue this week.  We will discuss colonization of America.  The following standards will be covered:

4-2.4 Settlement Comparison

4-2.6 Slave Contributions to the Colonies- Students will focus on farming techniques, cooking styles, and languages that influenced the colonies.


Math: Students will continue working on multiplication and division.  Please practice facts with your child.



Science: Students will continue Unit 3 on Astronomy. Below are the standards that will be covered over the next few weeks.

Recall that Earth is one of many planets in the solar system that orbit the Sun.

Recall that Earth is one of many planets in the solar system that orbit the Sun Compare the properties (including the type of surface and atmosphere) and the location of Earth to the Sun, which is a star, and the Moon

Explain how the Sun affects the Earth

TEST FOLDERS will go home this week on Tuesday!!


Gratitude is this month’s character trait.  How can you show gratitude?


November Events:

7th-9th COGat testing for lower grades

7th Music program performances at 1:30 and 6:00

7th Good News Club

8th Earthquake Dril

10th Parent Education Day 8:30 and 1:00

14th- 18th American Education Week

14th Good News Club

15th Fire Drill

16th American Education Visitation Day

22nd  Interim Reports

22nd  Slip into Fitness Incentive

23rd- 25th Thanksgiving Holidays


It’s Your Birthday!

November Birthdays:

Darrius         November 3

Laila              November 5

Christian       November 20

Courtney      November 20

Shannon       November 28

Belen             November 28