Student Writing



A Bad Case of the Tomatoes


By Iyon

       One day I was going to school. It was the third day of school. I did not care about my friends or my teacher. I just thought what was for lunch.  I hoped it was not going to be tomatoes.  When I got to school, the announcements came on.  They said we were having tomatoes. All of a sudden I didn’t feel so good. Then everyone started staring at me.  I rushed down the hall to the restroom.  I looked in the mirror, and I was red. Then I started throwing up seeds. The teacher called my dad to pick me up.  So he went out the house door to come pick me up.  while my dad was coming to pick me up, I started changing even more. I grew leaves on my head. I go super fat, and I lost my arms and legs. So if I wanted to move, I had to roll. When dad came to pick me and he saw I was a tomato, he froze.  When we got into the car, we drove to the hospital.   When we got to the doctor’s office he gave me a tomato.  I ate it and I started changing back slowly. I lost the fatness. I lost my leaves. I grew my arms and legs back too!




A Bad Case of Broccoli


By: Belen


        It’s the first day of school. I was worried what they were giving for lunch. The gave the announcements. They said no lunch choice today only broccoli.  Then I start to grow gust bumps. Then I smelled broccoli. I started to grow stems and turn green.  Then I felt growing taller then.  Then the nurse called my mom to pick me up.  The she takes me to the doctor. The doctor took out a long shot and I turned into normal.











A Bad Case of Spiders


By Santiago

       It was the first day of school. Once I came in school, Mrs. Ruppe told me to help the janitor because somebody throughed up. So I had to go to the janitor room to go get some napquens.  Suddnely I see a spider. When I see it, my eyes turn read.  When I touch it, I turn black and fury. Then it bit me and I grew eight legs.  Then I went to the docter. I told him a spider bit me. He took me a shot and it didn’t work. Then it made me giant! I was sad because Mrs. Taylor gave me a lot of homework.  Then the doctor took me another shot and my eyes turned white again and I was white again. I was not fury, and I turned small and normal.







Our fourth grade recently focused on ideas for writing. We based our stories on the story “A Bad Case of the Stripes,” by David Shannon.   Students were to plan ideas around a bad case of “something” and follow the layout of the story.  We hope you enjoy these awesome tales they created!!