Week 3

Week 3: September 14-18th  

Monday, September 14th

  • Handed out the “Essential Skills: Essay” Unit 1 Student booklet. Went over pages 2-5 as a class. Do all activities in booklet. Will be collected for credit at a later date.
    • Remember that this is in preparation for your essay on your role model.

Tuesday, September 15th

  • Went over work book pages 6-7.

Wednesday, September 16th 

  • Handed out “essay prompt” sheet with a sample essay. Used page 9 in the workbook as a template to write an introduction paragraph. (NOTE: Do NOT use the prompt on page 9… use only the questions and blanks. The prompt is on the handout: Who is your role model/why?)
  • Turn in your introduction paragraph. (10 points)

Thursday, September 18th

  • Graphic Organizer worksheet. (15 points)
    • Fill in your thesis into the first box.
    • “Topic Sentence” boxes: choose 3 your role model has, and put one into each of the three boxes, in a complete sentence.
    • “Supporting points:” list and describe 3-5 details/sentences for each of the traits… what have they done to prove that they are that trait? Personal stories, things you’ve heard them say or seen them do are great things to include.
    • Conclusion: Your wrap up. We will go into detail on this on Monday, so feel free to leave it blank for now, if you wish.

Friday, September 18th

  • Quiz: Make an appointment with me to make up.
  • Finish graphic organizer.
  • Write your 3 body paragraphs underneath your introduction using your completed graphic organizer to guide you. (15 points)
  • Essay workbooks will be collected on Monday so make sure yours is completed. Pages 2-9, skip page 8.