Week 1

Week 1: August 31st- September 4th


Monday, August 31st

  • Introduced the class and what EE English will study

  • Made journals. You can make your own by obtaining 8 pieces of binder paper and tying the holes with string.

  • Wrote first journal assignment:

    • In any order, name 2 true facts about you and 1 lie.

      • Ex: I like cheese, I have lived in Canada, and I love to cook.

  • Played “True Truths and a lie.”

Tuesday, September 1st

  • Journal: What do you think is happening in the following excerpt?

    • She handed him the bundle.

    • It's very small.”

    • So were you.”

  • Discussed Reading Strategies. (Things we do while reading to figure out what the reading is about and make meaning from it.)

    • Making inferences- making an educated guess.

    • Comparing things- how is _____ like ______?

    • Making predictions- what do I think will happen next? How do I know?

    • Asking questions- who, what, where, when, why, how...?

    • Visualizing- making mental pictures.

    • Making personal connections- how is like something I have experienced in my own life?

    • Identifying main idea- what is this about? What's the point?

    • Defining unknown concepts- is there a word, phrase or concept I don't know?

  • Used one strategy to re-evaluate the reading from the journal assignment. Write a paragraph about how your understanding of the dialouge improved by using one of these reading strategies.

Wednesday, Sept. 2nd

  • Journal: What do the following words mean? What do you think they mean? (Making a guess is fine.)

    • essay prompt-

    • thesis statement-

    • supporting paragraph/details-

  • FOW (Focus on Writing books) p. 13-15

  • Introduced Essay assignment- rough drafts due Sept. 25th

    • Topic is on FOW p. 80. You can choose any role model, not just a celebrity. A friend, a relative etc. Follow the same procedure.

  • Writing a Thesis- 15 points

    • Write out prompt on FOW p. 80. Underline the key phrases like the example on p. 13

    • Who are you going to write about?

    • What are three reasons you look up to them/3 qualities you want to emulate. Write it in paragraph form.

      • Make sure your reasons are not “superficial.” EX: hard working, loving, generous, ambitious, kind, charitable, etc... SUPERFICIAL examples: nice hair, likes basketball, they're “the bomb!”

Thursday, Sept. 3rd

  • Journal: Module 1 p. 147

  • Read p. 148 and determine what goes into a good introductory paragraph. (3 things)

  • Read p. 149- what are the four things you can use as “effective opening sentances” to grab your reader's attention?

  • Write an effective opening sentence for your introduction. Combine it with your thesis to write your introduction. (10 points)

Friday, Sept. 4th

  • Quiz Week 1 (Make an appointment with Ms. Steed to make up a quiz at lunch or after school.

  • Discussed the following terms.

    • Noun, verb, adjective, adverb, pronoun, preposition

  • Played Pictionary and Charades.