IM2 Syllabus

Integrated Math 2 is an in-depth course covering three basic areas of Math: Intermediate Algebra, Geometry, and Probability. The goal is to develop a strong understanding and foundation of Mathematics rather than simply the ability to solve problems in a step-by-step fashion. We will be focusing on core ideas that will be expanded and deepened, moving from concrete problems to abstractions and general theories. 

Integrated 2 will be taught in such way that concepts should be discovered as much as possible. Students will be expected to explore possibilities of solutions based on previous knowledge and understanding. The benefits of this approach are longer term retention and the ability to solve unfamiliar applications. 

Our aim is to prepare students for the rigors of critical thinking in an ever changing technological based world. One of the most important lessons students will learn is:

    Math is not a spectator sport… that is YOU have to DO MATH to GET MATH!

Semester 1 Topics   
1.    Applications of Probabilities
2.    Real Numbers
3.    Polynomials
4.    Quadratics and Complex Numbers
5.    Functions    

Semester 2 Topics

6.    Congruence and Proof
7.    Similarity
8.    Area and Volume
9.    Circles

1.    Be on-time, on-task, and prepared to learn every day. 
•    Paper, pencil, scientific calculator.
2.    Personal electronics for educational purposes only.
3.    Be responsible for your own learning.
•    Be active and involved in discussions. 
•    Follow directions and pay attention.
•    Focus and think for yourself.
4.    Respect the teacher(s), the classroom, and other students. 

High expectations will be set in order to achieve SUCCESS. Students are expected to attend class daily, be prepared with class materials, have completed homework, and be able to collaborate with pairs and groups. Students will need to be able to communicate effectively through speaking and writing.
1.    Participation/Classwork
•    Be involved with note taking and doing discovery problems. 
•    Work collaboratively with your partner/group and be willing to share/explain concepts out loud.
2.    Homework
•    Will be assigned daily and collected at the end of the week. Check website for details at .
•    If you have homework questions, I will go over a few before collecting the homework. If you have multiple questions, then you will need to come to tutoring with your questions.
•    Will be graded on completeness and effort. Partial credit is earned for assignments turned in late. 
3.    Assessments
•    Quizzes will be given periodically. Tests will be given at the end of a chapter. 
•    There is one test retake available, per semester, to any student who scored less than a 75%. The maximum grade that can be earned on a test retake is a 75%. 
•    There are test corrections available for every chapter test. You will need to follow the Test Corrections Procedures completely to be eligible for 1/3 of the missed points to be issued back to the original test grade. 

The semester academic grade is cumulative. Points will be accumulated throughout the semester by the following percentage values:
Participation/Classwork    10%
Homework    20%
Quizzes    20%
Chapter Tests/Final    50%

A 89.5-100%, B 79.5-89.4%, C 69.5-79.4%, D 59.5-69.4%, F 0-59.4%

Citizenship grades are determined by behavior, tardies, class participation, homework completion, and self-responsibility in general.