Homework for the week of October 24, 2011
 Please encourage your student to STUDY from their Interactive Notebooks!!!
  Math Reading Spelling Science Social Studies
Monday Workbook p. 35 Read Herbie and Annabelle; Practice Book p. 43 ABC Order    
Tuesday Subtraction Worksheet Practice Book p. 42 5 Times Each    
Wednesday         Study for Ancient China Test
Thursday   Reading Benchmark Part I   Study for Water Cycle Test Ancient China Test
Friday   Reading Benchmark Part II   Water Cycle Test  
  • Homework is written on a homework chart in the front of the classroom.
  • Children are to copy their homework from that chart into their agenda each day so they do not forget what the homework is.
  • Homework should be completed at home each night and returned to school the next day.
  • If your child is absent they have the same number of days that they were absent to make up their homework and classwork.
  • Interactive Notebooks are the best resource to study from. They have been filled with essential knowledge from all of the areas that have been taught in that subject. Each child should have one for each subject.