We will begin this year in science by studying the following SOL:

Scientific Investigation, Reasoning & Logic

3.1a. observations are made and are repeated to ensure accuracy;

3.1b. predictions are formulated using a variety of sources of information;

3.1c. objects with similar characteristics or properties are classified into at least two sets and two subsets;

3.1d. natural events are sequenced chronologically;

3.1e. length, volume, mass, and temperature are estimated and measured in metric and standard English units using proper tools and techniques;

3.1f. time is measured to the nearest minute using proper tools and techniques;

3.1g. questions are developed to formulate hypotheses;

3.1h. data are gathered, charted, graphed, and analyzed;

3.1i. unexpected or unusual quantitative data are recognized;

3.1j. inferences are made and conclusions are drawn;

3.1k. data are communicated;

3.1l. models are designed and built

       3.1m. current applications are used to reinforce science concepts.