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MATH -  to stay ontop of  5th grade mathematics lessons  access from use   choose ZEARN at the bottom

READING/ LANGUAGE ARTS - use use the McGrawHill link to get to WONDERS website to continue progressing  through 5th grade lessons - use your TO DO LIST to stay current

Additional English Learner Online Resources for Elementary

(From  ELD Coaches Jennifer Stults and Kristie Kroener, and ELD Specialist, Jan Norris)  ~ Free stories for kids of all ages    ~ animated read-alouds ~ read-alouds by celebrities  ~ phonics

Rosettastone ~ language learning app or website 

Hoopla ~ Phoenix public library app to listen to audiobooks and download ebooks, comics (need a library card)

Libby ~ Phoenix public library app to listen to audiobooks and download ebooks (need a library card)

Brainpop   ~ some free resources for content areas with EL specific lessons  ~educational resources ~ articles and research-based reading curriculum for all ages

Learning A-Z  -They offer a free subscription for the rest of the year and it contains:

      Raz Kids - a digital library of leveled books and quizzes 

      Headsprout - an online self-paced reading program

HaveFunTeaching ~ free teaching resources and educational songs

Boxcars and One-Eyed Jacks ~ videos to teach math concepts from the program

PBS Learning Media ~ free standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans 

Listenwise- 2,000 lexiled real world stories (ELA, current events, Social Studies, Science) for ELL grades 2-12 with listening comprehension quizzes



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