Rules and Guidelines for the Classroom

Rules and Guide Lines


The first school bell rings at 7:30. My assistant or I will meet you and your student up front at 7:30. We will not take children until 7:30. I close my door at 8:00. Students who arrive after 8:00 need to sign in through the office. School releases at 2:25. Our class will be up front at 2:22-2:25. Students who are not picked up by 3:00 will be in the office.


Each day you will receive a report about your child’s behavior. It might just be a smiley face or a simple note. I will try write in the behavior sheet every day. Your student is expected to keep his or her hands, feet and all other body parts to themselves, use nice respectful words and appropriate voice volume and remain seated when necessary. These are major social skills and rules followed throughout the entire school and in all classrooms.

Homework/Project Policy

There will be weekly homework. A student might receive homework every night or something to last the entire week. If a homework packet is sent home PLEASE DO NOT COMPLETE IN ONE NIGHT. It is meant to last all week. Homework should not be a fight at home, however sitting down at the table and completing a tasks is an extremely important skill and is done every day in my classroom. Homework is also to reinforced what skills we are learning and practicing in class. Students need repetition in order to learn/maintain a skills.

Field Trips

We will take several Field trips this year. Please be sure to be checking the folder for documents and information regarding field trips. I will try and pass out information as soon as possible. Your child may require an adult to attend due to elopement or sensory concerns. You will be notified if you or someone needs to attend the field trip.

Class Parties

We will have a Fall, Spring and End of the year festival. We might have a holiday party or a special occasion party throughout the year. You will be notified in advance if you would like to donate items. If you would like to celebrate you child’s birthday you are more than welcome to send in items to help celebrate his or her special day.

Snack/Food items

This year College Lakes students get breakfast and lunch for free. I will try and send out a monthly lunch calendar, as well as have one posted on my website. If you know you student is a picky eater please send in a snack for the afternoon. Nutrition is extremely important at this age. Our class will eat lunch in the cafeteria. Under the Cumberland County Policy I DO NOT WARM FOOD. There are different types of containers to help keep food cold or warm.


Students should be doing at least 10 minutes of reading every night. I understand some students do not have this skill. Reading can include sitting and listening to you read, pointing out pictures in a book, even just looking at a book while you name pictures in a book.