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6th Grade Ancient Civilizations

May 24 - today we learned about the end of the Roman Empire. On Tuesday of next week, we'll begin a review in class that will be due back on May 31.

May 21 - We will finish the epistle at the beginning of class tomorrow, and then learn about the fall of the Roman Empire. Rome quiz will be a take-home assessment given out on the 24th and due back on the 29th of May.

May 17 - read textbook pages 229-233 in preparation for 5 question quiz when you walk in tomorrow. We'll discuss in class but I want to know that you read!

May 8 - Roman emperor conversations/interviews are due 5/10 - use the handouts or do additional research if you wish. Follow rubric given.

Apr 30 - try to log in to through your school email and watch the movie clip that was assigned (Rise of the Roman Republic)

Apr 26 - no hw

Apr 19 - finish the map of Rome

Apr 16 - Greece review to be finished tomorrow. Rome begins on Thursday!

Mar 29 - monster madness due 4/10; open note review of Greece on 4/13

Mar 20 - classwork today was to read about the Greek/Persian war and fill in the worksheet through #4. We'll learn about Athens and Sparta on Thursday. Stay safe!

Mar 15 - finish the Golden Age newspaper if your group didn't turn it in today. Tomorrow we move on to the next lesson.

Mar 14 - Greece Golden Ages newspaper due tomorrow by end of class

Mar 5 - Greece lesson 1 worksheet (both sides) due tomorrow

Mar 1 - Today, Mrs. Judson, in honor of Women's History Month, wore a t-shirt with the outline of the heads of four women. The picture was titled the Supremes. Who are they? List each one and tell what job they have. Turn in on 3/2 for T2 extra credit. Don't share your answers with anyone.






Feb 28 - map of Greece due (complete the front side as well - I expect to see notes in each section since we went over it!)

Feb 20 - was informed I said that the test was on 2/23 so moving it to 2/23. Review has ended so please study on your own.

Feb 15 - study for vocab quiz tomorrow, and ancient China test on 2/22

Feb 13 - vocab quiz will be Friday, 2/16. 2/22 will be our test on China.

Feb 12 - Proverbs robe due tomorrow. I'll have paper for you and you can assemble everything in class. Vocab quiz on Thursday, 2/15

Feb 9 - proverb robe due 2/13 (note new date) and complete the chart about the Han and Qin Dynasties if you didn't complete in class (due 2/12)

Feb 8 - read last lesson in ch 5 (Achievements of Han Dynasty)

Feb 7 - finish reading p. 153 about the Qin Dynasty - add info to chart about Emperor Qin

Feb 2 - proverbs robe due 2/9

Jan 30 - book fair today so no homework

Jan 29, 2018 - projects look great! No homework.

Jan 19, 2018 - projects due this upcoming week - Architecture Project 2017 2018

Jan 13, 2018 - no homework but review the new vocabulary. Several of you didn't turn in your MLK, Jr. questions. Please complete!

Jan 12, 2018 - MLK, Jr. questions due 1/16 - follow this link if you misplaced/forgot your copy MLK, Jr. 2018 Questions

Jan 11 - reviewed in class today. Students may use both sides of one 3x5 card for the test tomorrow

Jan 10 - study for test on Friday!

Jan 8 - Complete Indian Empires worksheet if not completed in class. Review all materials and study guide for test on Friday.

Jan 5, 2018 - Happy New Year! India test will be on Friday, Jan. 12. Study Guide handed out today. Finish with Indian Empires on Monday and then we'll move on to a review.

Dec 18 - projects look great - presentations tomorrow before we move on to empires of India

Dec 12 - Eightfold Path project due Thursday (will have time to work on it in class)

Dec 11 - review vocabulary. We'll work on Buddhism lesson again tomorrow.

Dec 5, - no homework but continue to review vocabulary

Dec 4 - read pages 116-120 on preparation for tomorrow's discussion about Hinduism

Dec 1 - no homework - more about the caste system next week

Nov 28 - geography of India due 11/30

Nov 21 - continue working on your architecture project. No homework over the break. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 20 - we reviewed in class today for the test tomorrow; I would suggest that you continue studying!

Nov 16 - test on Egypt on 11/21; finish cartouche and mummy picture and REVIEW FOR TEST!

Nov 14 - test on Egypt will be on 11/21; finish all remaining worksheets

Nov 13 - read and finish the worksheet up through medicine and science sections; we'll practice hieroglyphic writing tomorrow!

Nov 9 - complete worksheets about pyramids (map skills) by 11/14

Nov 7 - pharaoh report due 11/13 - research notes returned today.

Nov 6 - finish front side of Egyptian religion page (use text pages that we read in class today); we'll finish "mummifying" tomorrow

Oct 31 - begin research on your pharaoh; chart in packet is due to be filled in by 11/6

Oct 30 - complete last page of Egyptian geography

Oct 26 - complete all but last page of packet about Egyptian geography

Oct 24 - no homework, but you could get on Quizlet and practice new vocab (Egypt)

Oct 20 - review study guide over the weekend; we'll review on Monday and test on Tuesday

Oct 19 - Fertile Crescent test will be 10/24

Oct 17 -  fill in outline worksheet that corresponds to pages 60-64 in textbook

Oct 16 - Guided Reading for lesson (pages 52-57) due tomorrow

Oct 13 - final draft of essay due 10/16

Oct 12 - Hammurabi's Code - read pages 47-49 in text, than complete front and back of first page in packet

Oct 10 - rough draft of essay due Thursday, Oct 12

Write an essay in which you rank the four Fertile Crescent Empires from strongest to weakest and explain your reasoning. Don’t just describe those achievements. Tell me why they matter! This paper will probably be close to 1 ½ to 2 pages. Don’t plagiarize by copying from an outside source. Think about our discussion, look at your notes, and if you haven’t read pages 42-45, read!!!!   Staple this page to your paper and turn in on October 12, 2017.


Content (25 points) - each empire is clearly identified and evaluated

Punctuation and grammar (5 points)

Spelling (5 points)

Typed 12 point font Times New Roman or Calibri OR written in blue or black ink (3 points)

This paper is stapled to your essay. (2 points)


40 points possible

Oct 9 - read pages 43-46. Make a 4-part chart in your notebook and add details about time periods, achievements, and important people to the following four sections: Babylon (p. 43), Assyria (p. 44), Babylonia (p. 45), and Persia (p. 46). If you didn't complete your essays or clay tablets, please get them turned in tomorrow. Otherwise, you'll need to stay in during recess to complete them.

Oct 6 - might want to finish summary of cuneiform writing over the weekend so you can work with clay on Monday. Only 1/2 of class will be devoted to this activity so we can move on and learn about the ancient Fertile Crescent empires.

Oct 3 - no new homework

Oct 2 - join Mrs. Judson's quizlet by clicking on this link: . After you have been accepted, you may start studying The Fertile Crescent vocabulary set. You will be responsible for knowing these words. Also read pages 37-41 in textbook so we can discuss the rise of cities and civilizations in class tomorrow.

Sept 28 - no homework

Sept 26 - complete Themes of Geography worksheet

Sept 20 - answer ?s from textbook pages 2-7

Sept 19 - no homework

Sept 18 - no written homework but you might want to try finding latitude and longitude of cities on a map

Sept 15 - great job today with the primary sources; we'll begin next week with Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt so bring your textbooks!

Sept 14 - complete the 9/11 questions from the primary source if you haven't already

Sept 13 - we did not meet today. Students need to be sure their textbooks are covered. Please return the back to school night form passed out last night. Thanks you!

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