7th Grade World Cultures

May 21, 2018 - read CRS article about South Sudan and list the problems these people face, as well as what CRS is doing to help

May 17, 2018 - complete worksheet about farming in Africa

May 9, 2018 - essays due tomorrow

May 2, 2018 - no homework other than you should be studying your maps of Africa

April 25, 2018 - economic recommendations for country due April 26

Apr 19, 2018 - European political map test on 4/20 - study!

April 16, 2018 - European political map test on 4/20. Finish concept maps for tech/economy connection.

March 29, 2018 - Based on what we have read about and discussed recently, how would you respond to the following prompts? Write in complete sentences. Due 4/11

  1. When looking at the economic statistics of a country, what factors would tell you whether a nation was developed, developing, or underdeveloped? Select and 3 and explain how that tells you about a nation.
  2. In your opinion, should all countries place a high emphasis on education? Explain your response.
  3. Not placing limits on immigration can lead to overpopulation, but provide safe places for people to live. List at least reasons why population control measures should be put into place, and give at least one reason why morally we shouldn’t limit immigration.

Mar 29 - Europe political map test on 4/13

Mar 23 - Europe physical map test on 3/28 and political map test on 4/13

Mar 20 - please review Europe maps (physical and political)

Mar 15 - did not meet today due to dress rehearsal - finish chart for class tomorrow

Mar 14 - look up statistics about Germany and complete chart in notebook

Mar 6 - didn't meet today

Mar 5 - get all work turned in by 3/7!

Mar 1 - Today, Mrs. Judson, in honor of Women's History Month, wore a t-shirt with the outline of the heads of four women. The picture was titled the Supremes. Who are they? List each one and tell what job they have. Turn in on 3/2 for T2 extra credit. Don't share your answers with anyone.






Feb 28 - mark March 23 and March 28 on your calendar for European map tests - study on the daily!

Feb 15 - Banks, Credit, and Economy doubled-sided ws due Friday - use reading packet

FEb 14 - Banks, Credit, and Economy doubled-sided ws due Friday - use reading packet

Feb 12 - Banks, Credit, and the Economy ws due tomorrow - use your reading packet as well as knowledge gained from video we watched

Feb 9 - no homework

Feb 8 - physical map test moved to tomorrow. Read the handout on Banks, Credit, and the Economy before class tomorrow.

Feb 2 - Latin America physical map test 2/8; Gov't and Econ ws due 2/7

Jan 30 - no homework

Jan 29 - no homework, although final Latin America physical map test will be next week for those who haven't aced it yet. Study!

Jan 19 - practice quiz next week on physical map, last (and final) quiz on Latin American political map

Jan 16 - MLK questions due tomorrow; map test tomorrow as well on Latin Americans countries

Jan 12, 2018 - MLK, Jr. questions due 1/17 - follow this link if you misplaced/forgot your copy MLK, Jr. 2018 Questions

Happy New Year!

Jan 11 - government test tomorrow

Jan 8 - Study guides were reviewed in class today. Quiz on 1/10.

Jan 5 - study guides handed out for government quiz. Please review! Study guide 75% or more completed on 1/8 will get you extra credit.

Jan 3 - notecards due 1/5. Quiz on government unit on 1/10. Latin American geography test on 1/17 (practice test on 1/8)

Dec 12 - did not meet today so bring maps on Wednesday when we meet next

Dec 11 - Latin American geography maps due 12/13. Test on Jan. 11, 2018

Dec 7 - Map test on 12/11 - continue studying. Finish international organizations presentations tomorrow.

Dec 6 - practice map test was today. Grades will be given out tomorrow.

Dec 5 - practice map test tomorrow

Dec 4 - practice map test on 12/6 and final map test on 12/11. Finish international organizations fact sheet for presentations on Wed. after map test

Dec 1 - study for geography test; you did fairly well today but there's always room for improvement! Another practice one next week and then the real deal the week of December 11

Nov 28 - turn in all missing work; make your Rights and Responsibilities pyramid.

Nov 21 - no homework unless you have to still finish Ted's Big Day - Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 16 - finish Ted's Big Day (rights and responsibilities of citizens)

Nov 13 - Read Citizen Me; continue to study your geography; bibliography cards will be returned tomorrow

Nov 6 - continue to study N. American geography; test on 12/4

Nov 2 - test tomorrow. Study!

Oct 30 - test 11/3; get all unfinished work turned in. Study guides were handed out today.

Oct 26 - government test on 11/3; finish social justice packet by Monday

Oct 25 - read about apartheid in the handout given out today; be prepared to discuss the social justice issues that apartheid brings about

Oct 24 - complete ?s 1-5 about aquaculture by 10/24

Oct 20 - complete ?s 1-5 about aquaculture by 10/24; computer lab on Monday for National History Day

Oct 19 - complete ?s 1-5 about the spotted owl

Oct 18 - complete worksheet with questions about Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Oct 16 - today we went to the computer lab to start looking for sources for National History Day. Students will receive more information tomorrow about expectations.

Oct 12 - evaluate the effects of changing from the Russian monarchy to the Soviet Union from the perspectives of both a member of Russia's ruling wealthy class and from that of a peasant (serf)

Oct 11 - Russia worksheet - history of Russian monarchy, Soviet Union, Cold War

Oct 9 - start looking at source material for your top choices for National History Day; make sure you can find enough out there!

Oct 4 - you have been assigned a group of countries to research specific things about. Please return your section to Mrs. Judson, completed, by Oct. 9.

Oct 2 - read about Israel, Afghanistan, and Iran from handout; be prepared to fill in chart on Wednesday when we next meet

Oct 2 - click on this link to join the Quizlet class; then click on the Foundations and Functions of Gov't study set to start learning and practicing vocab https://quizlet.com/join/5jBS6FYMe

9/28/17 - government essay due tomorrow

9/27/17 - government essay due 9/29; classwork today is not for homework - we'll finish it tomorrow in class

9/21/17 - essay due towards end of next week

9/20/17 - viewing a movie about forms of government; there will be a writing assignment based on the movie

9/19/17 - complete the Assessment about social studies skills and processes - due Wednesday

9/15/17 - on Monday, we'll finish our social studies skills and processes unit; bring your textbooks on 9/18

9/14/17 - finish snapshot, 9/11 questions, and read the Reaction to 9/11 handout. Look for info that corroborates what you heard in the video clips.

9/13/17 - Snapshot autobiography due 9/15. Continuing to work on responses to 9/11 video clips in class.

9/11/17 - Complete Snapshot autobiography by 9/15. Read Pres. Bush's 9/11 address and the background page for the 9/11 video we watched today.

Welcome to 7th grade social studies. This year we will focus on human and physical geography, learn about different economic and political systems, and celebrate the diversity of peoples of this world.

Please cover books at this time. No other homework has been given yet.