7th Grade Religion

May 21 - Unit 3 review due tomorrow

May 17 - finish the Unit 3 review if you didn't complete it in class - due Tuesday of next week

May 8 - read pages 36 and 37, and make a list in your notebooks of what young people should do hygiene-wise to care for their bodies (use examples from book)

May 2 - complete the review pages for unit 2 in Family Life - write answers on the copy handed out in class OR write the answers in your notebook

Apr 30 - complete the guided reading for unit 2 (lessons 3 and 4)

Apr 26 - complete pages 19 and 20 (review); short quiz at end of class tomorrow

Apr 19 respond to one of the situations on p. 13 in Family Life book - due Tuesday

Apr 18 - read pages 12-14 in Family Life book

Apr 16 - Family Life begins this week. Bring a notebook!

Mar 29 - no homework. Have a blessed Easter!

Mar 20 - today we reviewed for ch 13 quiz. It will be 3/21 or whenever we return to school. Study!

Mar 15 - ch 13 quiz on Wed. 3/21. Finish worksheet handed out in class today.

Mar 14 - no hw

Mar 6 - ch 12 quiz tomorrow

Mar 5 - quiz moved to Wednesday (study guide passed out today)

Feb 28 - turn in Lenten project (it's late but still due!) and complete the review for ch 12 - quiz on ch 12 next Tues (3/6)

Feb 21 - read this blog for inspiration http://www.catholic.org/lent/story.php?id=35766

Feb 20 - Lenten project due 2/27. We did some research today. We will begin on the art work tomorrow.

Feb 15 - complete the worksheet about Reconciliation for Tuesday, 2/20 - you will need a Bible (paper or online) for the second side

Feb 14 - Lenten project due 2/27 - see this link for inspiration https://safeshare.tv/x/wS5D8l1oLts

Feb 13 - no homework

Feb 8 - read about Mike in the Reconcile handout. Write the answer to the ?s on the 2nd side in your notebook or on looseleaf. Due 2/13

Feb 7 - finish reading book up through p. 74 and complete the packet (read the Scripture and respond to questions)

Feb 2 - Ch 11 take home quiz due 2/6

Jan 30 - no homework

Jan 29 - finish guided reading for ch 11

Jan 18 - complete front side of ws (will need Bible)

Jan 16 - complete ?s 1-9 from the worksheet re: ch 10

Jan 11 - finish parables worksheet prior to Tuesday, Jan 16

Jan 10 - ch 8 quiz tomorrow. Review study guide

Jan 3 - ch 8 quiz 1/11

Dec 13 - ch 7 quiz tomorrow - please review the study guide!

Dec 12 - read the handout about the Creed and complete the study guide for Thursday's test

Dec 8 - ch 7 quiz will be on 12/14 (Thursday)

Dec 7 - ch 7 quiz next week (Wed. or Thurs.)

Dec 6 - Advent projects look great. They will be featured in the hallway near the office. Please come in and see them!

Dec 5 - Advent project presentations tomorrow and we'll finish going over the Guided Reading

Nov 30 - read ch 7 and do the guided reading due 12/5. We'll also have some time to work on the Advent project. If you didn't complete it, you have until Tuesday morning. You will have about 15 minutes in class to work on it. Then we'll do presentations and check homework.

Nov 29 - Advent projects are looking great!

Nov 28 - Advent project this week

Nov 21 - ch 6 next week. No homework. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 20 - ch 6 test tomorrow

Nov 16 - finish the decision-making worksheet if you didn't finish it in class today. Test will be on Tuesday. Bring religion materials to social studies class tomorrow (Friday) so that we can prep for quiz.

Nov 14 - no homework. Decision-making activity tomorrow!

Nov 9 - no homework

Nov 7 - no homwork

Nov 6 - quiz on ch. 5 tomorrow!

Nov 2 - study for quiz on 11/7

Oct 31 - finish page 32 in religion book; quiz ch 5 on11/7. We will review quickly on 11/2 before we complete some All Souls Day activities.

Oct 26 - finish lower part of page 28 for Tuesday; group 8 will present on Tuesday; quiz on ch 5 on 11/7

Oct 24 - no homework

Oct 19 - ch 5 guided reading due 10/24

Oct 18 - quiz tomorrow on ch 4

Oct 17 - today's homework is tricky. You must read the Scripture verse and think about what you learned about life in Palestine. Coordinate the information to answer the question as best you can.

Oct 12 - read Daily Life in Palestine in religion book (p. 24) and complete the worksheet; due Tuesday; quiz on ch 4 next Thursday

Oct 11 - complete the paper about Jesus' Religion - due tomorrow

Oct 10 - complete the paper about Some Religious Groups - due tomorrow

Oct 3 - quiz tomorrow - study from study guide. Bring colored pencils to class tomorrow.

Oct 2 - fill in study guide and finish Gospel Lab; we'll go over both prior to quiz and you'll have time to study in class.

Sept 28 - no homework; ch 3 quiz on 10/5

Sept 27 - guided reading and Marian project both due tomorrow

Sept 26 - ch 2 quiz tomorrow; Marian project due 9/28. Worksheet handed out today (Guided Reading) is due on 9/28

Sept 20 - complete the ch 2 review worksheet

Sept 19 - no homework; ch 2 quiz will be on Tuesday, 9/26

Sept 14 - guided reading worksheet due 9/19 - click on the link if you lost your copy! http://userfiles.educatorpages.com/userfiles/judsoli/7 Religion Ch 2 Guided Reading.docx

Sept 13 - study for ch 1 quiz to be given tomorrow


This year is my first year as a 7th grade Religion teacher. I have taught the 8th grade curriculum, however, so I am familiar with the structure. This year we are learning about the life of Jesus.

Please remember to bring notebooks, folders, and your religion book to class each day. We have a classroom set of Bibles so there is no need to bring your own. Please do cover your religion book with contact paper so it will last.

Stay tuned for homework as we begin the year!