8th Grade American History

May 21 - review what we reviewed today for the social studies exam. Work on your Facebook pages for the American presidents. Deadline extended to 5/29 (morning of HersheyPark trip)

May 8 - essays due tomorrow. Get them done! Thanks to all who have shared their essays via Google. Well done!

May 2 - Ch 14's were turned in. Review due Friday, May 4. Final essay moved to 5/9. please note new due dates!!!!!

April 30 - Ch 14 ?s due tomorrow. Review due Thursday. Final essay due 5/8.

Apr 25 - Ch 14 ?s due 5/1. Ch 14 Review questions due May 3. Final essay due 5/8

Apr 19 - you will have some time to work on questions tomorrow in class before having them read and corrected.

Apr 16 - Ch 13 ?s are due 4/20

Mar 27 - here is a link to the PowerPoint with audio. Remember, it's not a substitute for reading! http://userfiles.educatorpages.com/userfiles/judsoli/Chapter 12 – The Age of Jackson.pptx. You'll want to following these directions. (1) Once you are in the file, click the Slide Show button. Then click From the Beginning. Click on the speaker symbol on the bottom right-hand corner of each slide. Then click the arrow to begin the audio.

Mar 26 - Unit 5, section 1 questions due 4/13 - check back after 3/27 for audio powerpoint to assist you

Mar 20 - practice for Passion Play later this week, and beginning next unit. No homework.

Mar 14 - by Friday, read ch 11, lesson 3 and be ready to discuss tariffs, the Era of Good Feelings, the effects of the building of the Erie Canal, and the need for the Missouri Compromise

Mar 6 - read ch 11, lesson 2 by Friday - tomorrow you will begin rehearsal for Passion Play

Mar 5 - finish Industrial Revolution summary! All missing work must be turned in by 3/7

Mar 1 - Today, Mrs. Judson, in honor of Women's History Month, wore a t-shirt with the outline of the heads of four women. The picture was titled the Supremes. Who are they? List each one and tell what job they have. Turn in on 3/2 for T2 extra credit. Don't share your answers with anyone.






2/28 - write a short summary of the effects of the Industrial Revolution in America (good and bad) - due 3/2

2/20 - Ch 10 assessment due 2/22

2/15 - no hw at this time, unless you haven't finished your ch 10 Lessons 2 and 3 ?s

2/13 Ch 10 lessons 2 and 3 ?s are due tomorrow.

2/12 - Lewis and Clark ?s due 2/13. Ch 10, Lesson 2 and Lesson 3 ?s are due 12/14. I'll go over Lesson 3 tomorrow in class (War of 1812) but if students wish to work ahead, they may.

2/9 - answer ?s in Lewis and Clark play handout

2/7 - no hw

2/2 - ch 10 ?s 1-8 due 2/6 (leave #1 alone - we'll work on that together on 2/6 since I didn't list Federalists and Democratic-Republicans)

1/30 - no hw

1/29 - no hw

1/19/18 - no hw

1/16/18 - MLK, Jr. questions due for the few of you who didn't complete them. ?s 1-10 on Ch 9 worksheet due tomorrow. Textbook may be left at home.

Jan 12, 2018 - MLK, Jr. questions due 1/16 - follow this link if you misplaced/forgot your copy MLK, Jr. 2018 Questions

1/10/18 - review study guide for tomorrow's test

1/9/18 - test moved to 1/12

1/8/18 - Unit 3 test on 1/10. Review started in class today.

1/5/18 - Happy New Year! Unit 3 test on 1/10. Study guide was passed out today.

12/12/17 - read "Citizen Me" handout; think about rights and responsibilities on the different levels (underline them in the reading or write them on pyramid)

12/11/17 - finish researching the amendments related to voting and write the 5 amendments in their description on the worksheet. Don't do the last question yet. We'll work on that tomorrow.

12/6/17 - WS about the media's role with respect to the government - due Friday, Dec 8!

12/1/17 - WS about political parties and questions - due Tuesday, Dec 5.

12/1/17 - trimester 2 extra credit opportunity - research the history behind the choosing of the donkey and elephant for the symbols of the two major politicla parties. Write (or type) the information, include the URL and your name, and turn it in the morning during homeroom. Do not share the information with others in the class.

11/28/17 - WS 3.3 - Political parties and legislator representation

11/21/17 - bring HSPT packets to math next week. Continue working on notecards for research papers. Happy Thanksgiving!

11/20/17 - please be sure to bring in your HSPT packet for review of answers.

11/16/17 - complete the worksheet (all but the project listed at the bottom). More info about that tomorrow.

11/14/17 - no homework

11/13/17 - complete questions 2-5 on the back side of last night's homework. We'll finish the diagram in class about checks and balances.

11/7/17 - quiz tomorrow. Review study guide and packet.

11/6/17 - Post-revolutionary war packet should be completed. We'll review tomorrow. Look over study guide tonight. Quiz on 11/8

10/30/17 - complete Magna Carta page and the English Bill of Rights/Declaration of Independence chart - due Friday 11/3

10/25/17 - Enlightenment Era Thinkers worksheet in packet due 10/27

10/24/17 - questions 1-18 in packet about Articles of Confederation; use textbook as noted on worksheet - due 10/27

10/20/17 - computer lab on Monday for National History Day; we'll finish with "resolutions" Articles of Confederation packet on Tuesday


10/17/17 - today we visited the computer lab and started the research process for our National History Day project. 10 bibliography cards are due in early November

10/16/17 - complete ch 7 lesson 4 outline by 10/18 (text pages 223-228). Guidance counselors (Ms. Davida and Ms. Tracey) came in today to talk to the students about services they offer.

10/13/17 - complete ch 7 lesson 4 outline by 10/18 (text pages 223-228)

10/12/17 - didn't meet today

10/11/17 - we'll wrap up chapter 6 on Friday; no homework

10/10/17 - complete answers to slide questions - due tomorrow

10/9/17 - no homework unless you had to redo slides questions from last week

10/4/17 - if you didn't finish answering the PowerPoint slides, finish for homework. Due Friday.

10/3/17 - you may work on finishing the PowerPoint questions tomorrow during class. If you don't finish, the assignment will be for homework.

9/29/17 - vocabulary (cards or notebook) due tomorrow

9/27/17 - no homework - will complete two activities in class on 9/29 (I don't see them tomorrow).  Picture day (out of uniform) tomorrow.

9/26/17 - examine primary sources and answer ?s about them (Ch 6 lesson 2) and then answer the last 2 questions on the powerschool handout - don't do the activity at the bottom of the page

9/20/17 - due on 9/29 - vocabulary written on notecards or in notebook for all highlighted words on pages 156, 160, 168, and 176

9/19/17 - complete the unit 1 assessment using your notes and any handouts given

9/18/17 - check this out to help you complete the chart about Pocahontas http://sheg.stanford.edu/upload/V3LessonPlans/Pocahontas%20Timeline.pdf

9/15/17 - we'll finish up our primary/secondary source unit on Monday; textbooks will be issued as we begin the next unit on Tuesday!

9/14/17 - turn in ?s from 9/11 video clips

9/13/17 - complete the personal reflections from the 9/11 video clips we watched (if you did not complete them in class)

9/11/17 - Please read Pres. Bush's address to the nation given on 9/11/2001.

Greetings! This year we focus on the years from independence through Reconstruction. That'a a lot of ground to cover but we're up to the task! Additionally, we'll be participating in National History Day again, this time coordinating research on projects to coincide with the research paper for Mr. Hutch. It will be a project that will receive a social studies grade as well as a language arts grade. This will cut down on the amount of work required and allow two teachers to assist in the process.

No homework as of yet! Stay tuned!