Welcome to Ms. Bradley's 7th grade Texas History Class:

Dear Parent or Guardian,        

I look forward to the exciting school year 2011-2012, engaging in an environment that is comfortable and beneficial to your child’s education achievement.  My expectations of my students or set high but reasonable for your child to achieve.  As teacher, I depend on my student’s parent’s to encourage the completion of assignments sent home.  I encourage my student’s parents to devote needed study time in preparing for weekly quizzes and tests.  I look forward to a relationship that encourages the successful achievement needed to complete their goals.

Email / Conference:



Tutoring Times:

After School:

Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:30-4:30

 It is the responsibility of the parent and student to make sure tutoring opportunities are utilized. 

 Instructional Strategies:

 Independent and guided instruction

 Whole class discussion

 Collaborative learning

 Peer tutoring and teaching  

Materials / Supplies:

 No. 2 Pencils (at least 2)(mechanical preferred) Blue or Black Pens (at least 2)

 Binder (at least 1” in size)

 Binder Tab Dividers (5 tabs)

 Washable Markers (at least 8 colors-primary)

 Map colors and personal sharpener (at least 8 colors)

 Loose leaf notebook paper

 Small personal scissors

 Glue sticks Ruler

 Large eraser (optional)

 Texas Road Map

 Three ring zipper supply storage 

  It is the responsibility of the students to come prepared to school daily.

 They are required to bring their pens, pencils, binder with tabs, notebook paper, sharpener, ruler, glue, scissors, markers, and map     colors to class each day.  Please check throughout the year to make sure your student has all of the requested supplies.