Week 2

Course Objectives

  1. Analyze the role of culture, economics and politics in shaping environmental issues.
  2. Chapter 1 & 2

Information covered in class

Environmental Ethics

Ecological Footprint

Resource consumption and social or environmental impact

 Population growth v. growth of consumption

Hardin and the “tragedy of the commons”

Conservation and preservation ethics

Pioneering Advocates

Environmental Justice

In-Class Activities

Group Activities  x2

Graded Assignments

Title: Preservation, Conservation, and Land Ethics

The application of ethical standards to

relationships between humans and nonhuman entities is known

as environmental ethics. The preservation ethic and the

conservation ethic have guided the branches of the

environmental movement during the past century.


Review the genesis of the preservation ethic and the

conservation ethic discussed on pages 17–18 of the textbook

and write a paper including the following points:

Differentiate between the preservation ethic and the

conservation ethic. With which ethic do you identify the

most preservation or conservation? Why?

Consider a forest or another natural resource in your

region or in the area where you grew up. Give an

example of a situation in which you might adopt a

conservation ethic and one in which you might adopt a

preservation ethic for the natural resource. Are there any

conditions under which you would follow neither but

instead adopt a development ethic?

Deliverables and Format:

Submit your answer in around 350 words in a Word document.

Font: Arial; 12 point

Line Spacing: Double

Due Date: June  27

 Project – Part 1

  Using Appendix 1, Finish part 1 of the project.

 Due Friday June 27- Your chosen environmental issue and the annotated bibliography.