Week 3

  1. Analyze the role of culture, economics and politics in shaping environmental issues.
  2. Use the ITT Tech virtual library to research concepts of environmental challenges confronting contemporary society.

Agenda:  Discussion, Group Activities, Writing Assignment

Discussion:  US Environmental Policy, NEPAEnvironmental Policy Process, Approaches to Environmental Policy, Chapter 2.

Group Activities/Collaborative problem solvingEnvironmental Policy

AssignmentsTitle: Environmental Policy – Due 7/11 in class or email before.

Week 3 Assignments

Environmental Policy Introduction: There are different approaches to environmental policy. In addition to conventional approaches to policy-making, innovative economic policy tools have been developed. For this assignment, you need to describe a suitable policy approach for an environmental issue. 

Tasks:o Select an environmental issue using the ITT Tech Virtual Library or any other Internet source. The issue can also be the one that you selected for your research project. You can research environmental issues on the Web site of the Environmental Protection Agency in the ITT Tech Virtual Library at:ITT Tech Virtual Library>Reference Resources>USEnvironmental Protection Agency o For the issue that you select, write a report analyzing the existing policies for it and explore alternative solutions.

In your report, include responses to the following questions: What environmental policy—laws, conventions,and treaties—currently exists to address the issuein the U.S. and internationally? In what way does the policy attempt to address theissue? Explore your own solution ideas for resolving theissue. What policy approach, do you think, wouldbe most effective in addressing the issue? Givereasons for your answer. Specifically describe the impact of this approach interms of:  ?? Its effect on the problem?? The cost involved?? The consequences 

Deliverables and Format:Submit your answer in approximately 400 words in a Word document. Remember to cite all the sources referenced. Font: Arial; 12 pointLine Spacing: DoubleDue Date: July 11