Week 5

?Review Weeks 1-4
?Discussion - Land usage and it’s affect on biodiversity and human health - Chapter 9
?Group Activities
?Writing Assignment – Resource Management Policy
Title: Resource Management Policy Introduction:
Historians have suggested that a significantenvironmental policy was implemented in the 1960s and 1970s inpart because the political climate was ripe with a supportivepublic and leaders who were willing to act.By the 1980s, the political climate in the U.S. changed and whilepublic support for environmental protection remained high, it wascountered by increasing concern for the economic burdens of anenvironmental policy.Since the 1980s, numerous efforts have been made at the federallevel to roll back environmental laws.The rollbacks that directly impact forest resource managementinclude the National Forest Management Act, which was rolledback by the Bush administration in 2004. This Act mandated thatplans for renewable resource management be drawn up for everynational forest.In 2005, the Bush administration repealed the Roadless rule bywhich 58.5 million acres of U.S. land was put off-limit for furtherroad construction or maintenance. 
Tasks:Select either the National Forest Management Act orthe Roadless rule.Conduct research on it using the ITT Tech VirtualLibrary and briefly describe the highlights of theselected legislation.Review a few articles that outline the arguments forand against the rollback or repeal of the legislation.Describe the implications of the rollback of thislegislation from ecological and economic perspectives.  Due 7/25
Project Part 2- Due 8/1
After you select the environmental issue on which you want to do your research, you need to do an in-depth and thorough analysis of the issue. 
Tasks:1. Conduct thorough research and apply the problem solving method for the social sciences to your topic. 2. Present your responses to all questions presented in steps I – VI of the method presented in Appendix III. 3. Based on the preceding points, organize an outline of your paper with appropriate headings and subheadings and in proper sequence. 
Deliverables and Format:Submit your answer in a Word document in not more than 300 words.Font: Arial; 12 pointLine Spacing: Double 
Assigned and Due Date:Assigned: 7/18  Due: 8/1   Grading Weight: 7%