Week 6

¡Review week 5
¡Discussion –Chapter 7, Agriculture
¡Group Activities
¡Writing Assignment
  Introduction: Some people believe that genetic modification offood holds promise for increasing nutrition and the efficiency ofagriculture while reducing the impact of agriculture on theplanet’s environmental systems. Yet, many oppose its use, citingpotential risks that are not yet fully understood. 
Tasks:1. Write a report, providing a brief overview of the debatesurrounding genetic food modification.2. Utilizing both information in the text and your researchconducted on the ITT Tech Virtual Library, include in thereport the process by which transgenic organisms arecreated. In your description, address the followingquestionsHow is this process similar to the more traditionalselective breeding, and how is it different?What are the potential benefits of geneticmodification of food?What are the concerns of those opposed togenetically modified crops? 
Deliverables and Format:Submit your answer in approximately 350 words in a Worddocument. Remember to cite all the sources referenced.Font: Arial; 12 pointLine Spacing: Double Due 8/1
Project Plan Part 2 Due - 8/1