Week 7

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¨Week  7 Objectives
¨Discussion -  Chapter 10
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¨Writing Assignment
Title: Lead in CandyIntroduction:
A recent issue that has generated a good deal ofcontroversy is contaminants in children’s candy. In April 2004,the Orange County Register conducted an investigation andpublished a six-part story about lead in candy, imported mostlyfrom Mexico. The story and news reports since the initial storyare all available at the newspaper’s Web site:www.ocregister.com/investigations/2004/lead/index.php 
Tasks:You will cover one of the following aspects of the story:Introduction: presentation and summarizing of the issueHow lead gets into candiesThe allowable levels of leadThe effects of lead on the body in children, in adults, andduring pregnancyTreatments for lead poisoningRegulations on lead in Mexico and their enforcementRegulations on lead in the U.S. and their enforcementCreate a poster that gives an overview of the aspect of this storyassigned to you or you may write an essay presenting this topic tothe rest of the institute. 
Deliverables and Format:
Option 1: Submit your poster on an approximately 4-by-4-footposter board; no poster should be larger than this. Your postershould provide an overview of the assigned aspect and include atitle, a brief introduction, relevant information, summation, andreferences. You should follow the guidelines presented inAppendix IV—guidelines for creating posters. Remember to citeall the sources referenced. 
Option 2: Submit your essay in approximately 350 words in aWord document. Remember to cite all the sources referenced.  Font: Arial; 12 pointLine Spacing: Double
Due August 8